Innovative Shock Pad
for artificial turf systems

Easy Installation, Optimized sports performance, Extended Durability and excellent environmental profile


New Alveosport Installation in Feiring, Norway

A new sports field equipped with Alveosport has been installed in Feiring, Norway.


See video of installation...

One Million Hockey Legs in India

In the first week of June Holland Meets Mumbai took place. An initiative undertaken by the Dutch Consulate in Mumbai and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India.



New packaging for Alveosport

Alveosport shockpad now comes in a new packaging: The rolls are wrapped in white foil displaying an attractive pattern of Alveosport logos in full colour.



Horizontal drainage system makes elastic shock pad Alveosport even more effective

Sekisui Alveo is expanding its portfolio and is now offering its elastic shock pad Alveosport also with increased drainage capacity.



Alveosport at the 2014 Football World Cup

The list of sports fields built on Alveosport counts well over 200 and includes some of the biggest names around the world. With the installation of Alveosport at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, another famous name was added to the list.