We have just the right Alveosport shock pad for any type of sports field. Working with
synthetic-grass manufacturers and contractors, we individually design each turf system
to provide optimal playing characteristics. Fields with Alveosport meet the
requirements of FIFA, IRB, FIH, AFL and other sports standards.



Shock absorption, vertical deformation and predictable ball bounce are the most important vertical performance properties in soccer. We match the shock pad to the design of the sand or performance infill to give the field the required playing characteristics.



In field hockey, shock pads can provide excellent sports performance, safety and comfort for many years. Alveosport shock pads for hockey are specially designed for use in sand-dressed, semi-sand-dressed and water- based systems that meet FIH (International Hockey Federation) requirements. These systems provide a good balance between impact response and deformation.


Rugby, Gaelic & American Football

The IRB (International Rugby Board) has clear performance specifications to ensure that artificial turf fields would replicate the playing qualities of grass fields. The specifications are defined by a rigorous test programme for artificial turf to check ball-surface interaction, player-surface interaction and durability of the installed products. One measure of player-surface interaction is HIC (head injury criterion). Two Alveosport product lines are especially developed to meet IRB regulations for performance, safety and durability.



In baseball you want the shockpad to contribute to the quick response needed for the short sprints and sliding and a predictable ball bounce for the midfield. Alveosport does what it needs to create the perfect surface for baseball.



Top priority in playgrounds is safety for children. A sand-filled artificial turf mat on top of Alveosport creates a soft landing for little heads, feet and knees. Depending of the heights and types of playground equipment, multiple layers of Alveosport can be installed to provide safe cushioning.


Fields for other applications

Fields for other applications such as Tennis, Paddle tennis, Golf, Multisport, even evergreen landscaping can be ideally installed with Alveosport inside. Drainage function is ensured with Alveosport.

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requirements and turf system.

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