Artificial turf systems offer advantages compared to natural grass fields in terms of cost, usability, flexibility, and environmental performance.

Main reasons for Alveosport

Optimized sports performance

  • Excellent shock absorption, energy restitution and ball rebounce
  • Reduces risk of (head) injuries
  • Uniform performance over the entire field

Extended durability and constant performance

  • Product warranty of two lifetimes of an artificial turf pitch
  • No freezing of Alveosport as it does not absorb water
  • Retains mechanical properties for years

Fast and easy installation

  • Installation can be done in one day under almost any weather condition
  • Dimensional stability even at fluctuating temperatures due to patented design
  • Neither special machinery nor skilled personnel required

Excellent environmental profile

  • Recyclable, as Alveosport is made of crosslinked closed-cell polyolefin foam
  • Releases no harmful chemicals or gases
    known to pollute soil, water or air

System design support

  • Extensive design and test knowledge available
  • Various artificial turf systems have been developed
  • State-of-the-art test facilities to study performance and provide pre-testing services

Center of excellence

  • User of virgin base materials so that the technical properties can be precisely controlled
  • Established quality system to ensure constant high quality of shock pads
  • R&D center to stay up to date on new developments

Fast and easy installation

Customers like Alveosport because it’s easy to work with and produces
a reliable installation. Two people can cover a sport field in a day.

Contact us for the right Alveosport product for your specific sports
requirements and turf system.

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